Toronto (OUA-E) Alumni

Complete list of alums who have played in the NHL.

Name Pos Birthplace Nat. NHL Years GP G A PTS PIM W SV% SO Draft Info
Reid, DaveLWToronto, ONCA1983-20019611652043692531982-3 (60) by BOS
Inness, GaryGToronto, ONCA1973-19811620551258.8922
Wright, JohnCToronto, ONCA1972-1975127163652671966-1 (4) by TOR
Monteith, HankLWStratford, ONCA1968-197177512176
Hopkins, LarryLWOshawa, ONCA1977-198360131629261974-9 (152) by ATF
Debenedet, NelsonLWCordenoIT1973-1975461041413
Lowe, DarrenRWToronto, ONCA1983-198481230
Luksa, CharlieDToronto, ONCA1979-1980801141974-10 (172) by MTL
Hidi, AndreLWToronto, ONCA1983-1985721391980-8 (148) by CLR
Imlach, BrentFQuebec City, QCCA1965-196730000
Boland, MikeRWMontreal, QCCA1974-197520000
Ruhnke, KentRWToronto, ONCA1975-197620110
Keenan, DonGToronto, ONCA1958-1959100000.9020
Knox, PaulRWToronto, ONCA1954-195510000