New York Rangers Franchise History | 95 Seasons

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95 Seasons Table
Season Lg Team GP W L T OL PTS PTS%
SRS SOS Finish Playoffs Coaches Division Conference
2014-15NHLNew York Rangers*8253227113.6890.69-0.041st of 8Lost NHL Conference FinalsA. Vigneault (53-22-7)MetropolitanEastern
2021-22NHLNew York Rangers533315571.6700.42-0.023rd of 8G. Gallant (33-15-5)MetropolitanEastern
2011-12NHLNew York Rangers*8251247109.6650.46-0.021st of 5Lost NHL Conference FinalsJ. Tortorella (51-24-7)AtlanticEastern
2016-17NHLNew York Rangers*8248286102.6220.470.034th of 8Lost NHL Second RoundA. Vigneault (48-28-6)MetropolitanEastern
2015-16NHLNew York Rangers*8246279101.6160.240.013rd of 8Lost NHL First RoundA. Vigneault (46-27-9)MetropolitanEastern
2005-06NHLNew York Rangers*82442612100.6100.38-0.143rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsT. Renney (44-26-12)AtlanticEastern
2007-08NHLNew York Rangers*8242271397.5910.05-0.123rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Semi-FinalsT. Renney (42-27-13)AtlanticEastern
2013-14NHLNew York Rangers*824531696.5850.26-0.042nd of 8Lost Stanley Cup FinalA. Vigneault (45-31-6)MetropolitanEastern
2012-13NHLNew York Rangers*482618456.5830.380.002nd of 5Lost NHL Conference Semi-FinalsJ. Tortorella (26-18-4)AtlanticEastern
2008-09NHLNew York Rangers*824330995.579-0.10-0.014th of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsT. Renney (31-23-7), J. Tortorella (12-7-2)AtlanticEastern
2006-07NHLNew York Rangers*8242301094.5730.16-0.163rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Semi-FinalsT. Renney (42-30-10)AtlanticEastern
2010-11NHLNew York Rangers*824433593.5670.37-0.063rd of 5Lost NHL Conference Quarter-FinalsJ. Tortorella (44-33-5)AtlanticEastern
2019-20NHLNew York Rangers*703728579.5640.15-0.037th of 8Lost NHL Qualifying RoundD. Quinn (37-28-5)MetropolitanEastern
2020-21NHLNew York Rangers562723660.5360.31-0.055th of 8D. Quinn (27-23-6)East
2009-10NHLNew York Rangers8238331187.5300.00-0.054th of 5J. Tortorella (38-33-11)AtlanticEastern
2018-19NHLNew York Rangers8232361478.476-0.520.037th of 8D. Quinn (32-36-14)MetropolitanEastern
2017-18NHLNew York Rangers823439977.470-0.46-0.018th of 8A. Vigneault (34-39-9)MetropolitanEastern
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